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Comment Wall for Real Goddesses of Ancient Greece

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  1. Hey! I loved your intro, based off the title I'm guessing it's based off the the real housewives series? I've never seen if before but if you ever watched Sonny with a Chance on Disney Channel as a kid I was definitely reminded of that one skit where they're the real Disney princesses of New Jersey. That was definitely a stretch of a reference but I was just reminded to that from the goddesses personal introductions! As someone who isn't very familiar with the specific backgrounds of mythological figures, I appreciated the individual descriptions. I also really liked that they were told in first person and it felt like their personalities showed in the monologue as well, especially with Aphrodite coming off as sort of arrogant and conceited. My only suggestion would be to make Persephone's introduction as personal as the other 2. Hers was still great and had just as much information as the other two, but I felt it was more difficult to get a sense of her personality. Aside from that, I thought it was great, and I'm excited to read more of it later on!

  2. Hi! I enjoy reading your introduction. You mentioned several goddesses in there, and I feel excited to read the following stories. For me, I also heard many tales or stories which talk about the jealousness between goddesses in ancient Greece. In my view, to be some extent, they are more similar to normal people, they all have emotions and desires.

    In your last paragraph, you mentioned that you would tell the struggle in their own lives, which is a really good choice for you I think. In this way, stories can be shown in a different way, compared with other classic myths about the goddesses in ancient Greece. Can't wait to see the following stories about Aphrodite, Hera, and Persephone!

    However, I think you should do more introduction about the stories' background which could give readers a better understanding of the storybook. You just mention some brief information about these three goddesses, and I think that is not enough to show the fantastic mythologic world as a whole.

  3. Hey! From the first look at your website, it looks great! I love the image you used for your banner, and the title you chose to tie all your stories together. Right from the start it really got my attention and made me intrigued in your stories. I also like your use of a black and white theme- it really draws attention to your message and makes the website look professional. Your introduction was very fun to read- I loved the part about their jealousy and paying attention to all is important. In each of the goddesses introduction, I like how you gave them each a unique 'ego'. I can already envision what they would be like in my head. I especially like how you portrayed Aphrodite. From her introduction I assume she is going to be in the middle of some messy situations and be quite a troublemaker. You did an awesome job developing these three goddesses so far. Great job so far, I am excited to read more!

  4. Hi Brynlee, I really enjoyed checking out your page. I think the set up of it is so great. I think the way it is set up and the header photo really help everything flow smoothly. I am interested to read all the stories you will be adding in this storybook. I love Greek mythology and think that this is going to be a really unique twist on things. I love how in the introduction you went in and introduced the different goddesses, the temples they loved and what they are the goddesses of. I see that each of your pages is going to highlight one of the goddessess and so on. How are you planning on tying in the jealousy of the three? Will there be a conclusion page that wraps it all up and ties it all back together? Overall, amazing job and I can't wait to come back and read it in a couples weeks to see the way it has grown.

  5. Hi Brynlee, I'm excited to read your stories about the goddesses of Ancient Greece! I'm assuming you were inspired by The Real Housewives franchise on Bravo (my guilty pleasure), so I think that is going to be fun. The introduction sets up the story nicely. I loved that you gave each goddess a dialogue to "tell" readers about themselves instead of just describing the characters. Have you thought about adding a picture of each goddess after their introduction? I think it would add to your page and really complete their introductions because it will allow readers to get a full picture before diving into the stories! Also, I liked that you chose to do a story on Persephone because I haven’t read many stories about her. Are the stories going to connect to each other in some way? Or will it be an anthology of stories about the goddesses? I’m definitely interested and look forward to reading!

  6. I think your idea is so fun! I have only read the introduction so far but I can already tell you're going to have so much creativing the lives for these goddesses. I really like how you included that the goddesses get jealous of one another. That is totally believable and I'm excited to see what kind of trouble each one gets into. I think I'm most excited to read about Persephone because she does live in the underworld and I think she'll have exciting stories to tell. After reading the quick, individual introductions for each goddesses, I was left wanting to know just a little bit more about each of them. I feel like most people have a pretty base of greek mythology but this could be a great spot to thrown in maybe 'fun facts' or random history facts. I think it could also be a good idea for you to include an image carousel on this intro page, to help introduce all the characters or maybe their temples!

  7. Hi Brynlee. I loved your introduction I love how you started talking about why to visit Greece and then transitioned into a perspective of why each of the three goddess viewed themselves to be the best and which temple was their favorite. I like that you also called it a cat fight between immortals because that sounds like something truly awful to be caught in the middle of. I like how in the brief introduction you really let personality come through and making each of the three of them feel and sound different while showing what is important about themselves and how and why they think they are the best. Besides the writing I also was a big fan of the actual design of your website as well. I felt momentarily taken to Greece. I am a big fan of greek mythology and I think you did a fantastic job I can't wait to get to know each Goddess more.

  8. Hello Brynlee,
    I immediately picked up on the Real Housewives theme and I have to say it is very creative. I am not Real Housewives viewer but have watched similar shows such as Mob Wives and Gypsy Sisters and your introduction made me feel like I was about to start an episode. Greek Mythology has always been one of my favorites and I absolutely love the choices of goddesses you are showcasing in this storybook. They are the most dramatic of the major Greek goddesses so this definitely works. I also love how in their descriptions you had them hint at different aspects of their mythology as well as poke fun at one another like Real Housewives do. I am very excited about this. I think it may be cool to add a little bit from the "announcer" in front of each intro, you know how the announcer in the show kind of provides a little insight the girls may not like to admit in the show. Overall great so far.

  9. Hello,
    I really enjoyed your introduction. I saw a comment on your page, and I have to agree. This truly feels like the small skit from Sonny with a Chance titled The Real Princess of New Jersey.
    I'm assuming from what has been presented that this will be light-hearted and humorous.
    The set of up for your series of stories is short and sweet.
    Using dialogue to introduce the readers to each character was a nice choice. I like the design of your site. May I make a suggestion? While I liked the idea of how you introduced the goddesses, I would've like to get more of an idea of how they are. There is just something missing, and I can't lay my finger on it. May add few more lines to each character.

    Anyway, I can't wait to read your stories.

  10. Hi!

    I loved reading your introduction! It was actually so much fun to read and I love the style you wrote it in. I love how you introduce each goddess and you do it in the first person. This makes it easier and more fun to read as well as brings life to each character that you will be writing about. I really like the sort of reality tv show vibe that this gives off. I already know you are going to have too much fun writing these stories.

    Another thing I liked about this is that you structured the introduction very well. You started with an overall theme and then had the reader meet the characters. You did this very well and you gave yourself so much creative freedom to really make these characters into what you want them to. I look forward to reading these stories in the future!

  11. Hi Brynlee!

    I loved reading both your story and your introduction! The "Real Housewives" theme is hilarious and something most of us can relate to as college students since it aired as we were growing up. I also think you executed the theme very well! The dialogue coming from different perspectives made it very entertaining but also easy to get a full understanding of the story, like the one of Aphrodite. I wonder if Hera and Aphrodite will always not get along? They are family but seem to be butting heads. Have you thought about trying to paint the stories like an actual TV show? it might be kind of fun to use camera panning and include descriptions of actions in the stories to make it seem like the reader is watching the show. I loved your work and I cant wait to read more!

  12. Hi Brynlee!
    Since you greatly enjoyed reading my stories from my Portfolio, I decided to stop over at your project for my free choice this week!
    Your project is quite interesting!
    I have to admit, I hadn't expected to hear from all three goddesses in the first story post, but I like how you did it!
    It helped flesh out the stories by giving multiple points of view instead of just the goddess who was most directly involved in the particular issue.
    Also, gauging from the other comments, it seems you may have designed the site, or at least the title off of "The Real Housewives of ___".
    You might make a note of that on the homepage of your site, since it will help visitors quickly grasp what your storybook is like.
    Also, you might want to try to fix the title of your site on the navigation bar, since it's missing part of the name.

  13. Hi Brynlee, I'm already such a fan of your page and have it bookmarked to come back to! I just read your first story about Aphrodite. I thought it was fun how you added a short intro to each character's section, they were cute! I like this as your first story post, I think it shows the vibe you were going for and what to expect reading more of the stories. After reading your story, I ended up wishing there would've been a little more to it Either more details to the actual story or more banter between the 3 goddesses. I felt like I was rushed through the story, but formating can also help this! If you break the paragraphs into pieces, and find those natural pauses to seperate I think it would help the flow of your story a lot!


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