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Storybook Plan

For the main ideas, I want it to be fun. There are centuries worth of stories between the gods and this would be a fun way to explain the goddesses thoughts and points of views. I do not have an overarching theme.1. AphroditeThis will be a tale about her love triangle. It is very drama filled. Hera     This will be a tale about her anger towards all of Zeus's mistresses. He was never faithful and that made her look bad so she would strike out against the girls. I think that it would be set in a way that the other goddess's are doing an intervention type of scenario.
3. Persephone    There are many sides to this story. I want the main story to be through her and how she feels about her mother agreeing to her half a year in hell (literally).…
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Week Three Story: A Mother's Love

"What a beautiful day in ocean. The sun is shining and the water feels amazing!" thought Venus. "There is nothing that could ruin the day."But, she thought that a little too soon. Not even five minutes had passed before a messenger came flying at her. The messenger was distraught, which never means it's good news. "All mighty Venus, there has been an accident." he reported."What kind of accident? Is Mars okay? Oh, no is it Hephaestus?" she cried."No, my lady, it is Cupid. He has been in an accident. His shoulder is out of use and he currently cannot fly." he reported.With fear struck deep in her heart, she cried "Whe..Where is my son?" "He made it to your house before collapsing. Your housemaids are taking care of him now." he reported.Venus had never fled the ocean so quickly. "My Cupid, my favorite son, how could he have gotten himself into this situation", she thought, "I will never forgive my…

Reading Notes: Cupid and Psyche, Part B

My favorite story was "The Tasks of Psyche" by Apuleius. At the beginning she looked for help in other godly temples. Out of respect for their friend and family member, they said they could not help. With a bounty on her head, it was not long before she was brought to Venus. Venus thought she could break her. What feeble and easily breakable objects humans are! So, she designed tasks for her. All the while Cupid is recovering, unaware that under the same roof, his wife is going through trials. The first task seemed impossible. Venus poured and mixed spices and twigs together, anything small truly. Then, told Psyche to separate them. She knew this was impossible. But, an ant took pity on the poor soul. The ant gathered all of his ant friends and they sorted it for her. Venus knew she did not complete this herself and that made her more angry because that means someone or something is going against her. So, she tried again. Task two was to obtain fleece from the golden sheep o…

Reading Notes: Cupid and Psyche, Part A

I read the story of "The Captive Woman" by Apuleius. This was a tale told through the lens of Lucius. At this point, Lucius is a donkey. He was transformed early in the books. He is now traveling with a band of robbers. They wait until nightfall to rob people. One night, after nightfall, the robbers departed. Lucius abandoned at the camp wandered around for the night. Until, they returned with no gold or jewelry. However, they had a young woman. By the way she was dressed, it was apparent that she was of a good family, a noble family. She wailed and whined about the pain and trauma that they were going to inflict on her. But, the robbers assured her that they only wanted her for the ransom her parents would pay to have her back. She was locked in a cave and cried until she fell asleep. Shortly after falling asleep, she is jolted awake by a nightmare. The woman attempts to find anything she can to end her life. She has not lived long but she cannot imagine living in the world…

Feedback Strategies

My thoughts on praise are very in the middle. I think that if we have the opportunity to raise someone's spirits or to acknowledge that we see the hard work that they are doing, we should do it. However, I think there is a harm in too much praise. Individuals start to feel empty or like they didn't do enough if no one tells them the opposite.My first article was "Five Reasons to Stop Saying Good Job!" by Alfie Kohn. This article deepened my thoughts about how constant praise can negatively effect children. These kids are just starting to develop their own sense of self. If we constantly tell them good job, as the article states, we are telling them how they should feel about a project or job they finished and we are setting them up for that constant need for validation. Without it, children would be able to create their own feelings and learn to work through the negative feelings that they have.My second article was "Why Do So Many Managers Avoid Giving Praise&…

Topic Research

The Real Goddesses of Ancient Greece 1. Aphrodite v Ares v HephaestusThis is a messy love triangle. Aphrodite is married to Hephaestus, but is in love or in lust with Ares. This causes the other gods to make fun of Hephaestus because he can't keep his wife entertained long enough for her not to cheat. I was thinking this would be a good dinner story. Aphrodite throws a dinner party for the 12 gods of Olympus. This leads to lots of poking and making jokes at Hephaestus, until it all blows up.
2. Hera v Everyone Hera, unfortunately, picked the wrong husband. Zeus was consistently unfaithful to her. Because of who he was, however, she was not allowed to punish him. This means she took it out on everyone else, especially the girls of his infidelities. I think this story would be a good one to tell from t…