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Week Fourteen Story: Furies and Heretics

Dante's Divine Comedy  translated by Tony Kline We had entered Cante 9. I heard my master saying something from behind me but I could not place it. I was distracted by a tall tower that reached far above me. I squinted trying to see better. Then, three furies flew down. They were stained with blood and holding a woman. But, she was not normal. She had green snakes coming from her scalp. They were tearing at her breast. She screamed mercilessly and attempted to swat them away. Suddenly their attention shifted towards me. They attempted to use Medusa in their attack towards me. My master told me to hide my eyes and turn my back. No matter what persuaded me otherwise. As she came towards us, there was a loud crash that shook both the banks. My master told me to focus on the mist. Only the mist. More than a thousand spirits scattered from the water. Amongst them was a Stygain ferry with dry feet. He waved the mist away with annoyance. I knew he was a messenger from Heaven. He walked to
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Week Fourteen Reading: Inferno, Part B

Dante's Divine Comedy  translated by Tony Kline There were banners for the king of Hell. I looked to the front of the stage to see if I could see him. My master kept walking towards the front till I could see him. Lucifer. It was then my master told me I must gather the courage to face him. I lost all sense, there was nothing but fear inside of me. I walked closer. He had three people in displayed in his head. There was Judas, Brutus, and Cassius. He was chewing a sinner in his mouth, savoring the taste. I looked at the poor sinners in his head. They looked defeated. I knew what I had to do. In order to leave Hell, I had to climb Satan. This is a depiction of Satan. Source:  Wikipedia

Week Fourteen Reading: Inferno, EC

Dante's Divine Comedy  translated by Tony Kline We had now reached the six, seventh, eighth, and ninth levels of Hell. The city burned red as if on fire. For I found out the eternal flames of Hell burned here. As we entered the city, hundreds of angels fell towards us. They were angry with us. They could not understand why  I was here because I was still alive. My master asked to speak with them in private, leaving me alone in Hell. I begged him not to leave me. I was sure that would be the end of me. He turned to go in and the angels shut the gate in his face. He walked back angered but knew he would win in the end.  This is a depiction of the City of Dis which hold the final levels of Hell. Source:  Fandom

Week Fourteen Reading: Inferno, Part A

Dante's Divine Comedy  translated by Tony Kline On cante four, my master and I heard a calling. We were far from it but it was gradually getting closer. I heard them call out and was confused by their wording.  "Who are these people I asked?"  "They are those honored in your lifetime. They have been granted a good graces because of their works. There is Homer, Horace, Ovid, and Lucan. They are the greats and you are among them" my master said to me. I couldn't believe it. They looked at me as though I was one of them. I thought it couldn't be true. We stayed with them for the night. The looks of admiration never stopped. I didn't believe I should be among them.  We continued on our journey until we came across a castle surrounded 7 times. It was here I recognized many leaders. There was Caesar and Tarquin. I could not believe my eyes. I let my eyes wander. I gazed slightly higher and saw the great philosophers. There was Aristotle sitting high above

Week Twelve Reading: Celtic Tales, Part B

   Beth Gellert  by Joseph Jacobs The Prince had a beloved dog. He was a ferocious hunter but a kind cuddly soul. Whenever they went out he would be the fastest and most deadly, but when they returned he would treat those of the family with such care and kindness. One day, the Prince was going on a hunt. He called for all of the animals but never saw his beloved. He stormed in the castle after about five minutes of waiting. As he was going he ran into his beloved dog. The dog had blood dripping from his mouth. The Prince went immediately to the worst conclusion. He had a baby and this dog had killed it. He sprinted to the nursery and found it in disarray. There was blood everywhere and no sound anywhere. The baby did not respond to his calls. Out of anger he turned and killed the beloved dog. He could not believe that he would do something to his child. However, as the dog lay dead, the baby began to coo. He ran to gather his baby. As soon as he turned the corner, he saw a giant wolf s

Week Twelve Reading: Celtic Tales, Part A

Shepard of Myddvai  by Joseph Jacobs There once was a man. He led his flock to the lake up in the top of the mountains. One day, he saw three beautiful maidens. He attempted to woo her. He gave her bread and she sang him a song. She sang of his overcooked bread, giggled, and ran into the lake. The next day he was determined to try again. He brought her another loaf of bread and she and her sisters sang him a different song. She sang of his undercooked bread, giggled, and ran into the lake. He was determined to have her. On the third day, he found bread floating in the lake. He gave it to her and she rejoiced. She agreed to be his wife as long as he did not strike her three times. He did not see this being an issue so he agreed. Time went on and they had three children. He had never come against her demand. One day, they were running behind and he told her to go grab the horses and he will go and grab her gloves. When he returned she was not with the horses and he patted her with her gl

Week Twelve Story: The Horned Women

The Horned Women  by Joseph Jacobs There was a woman who lived in a cottage. She lived with her family and her staff. One night, after they had all gone to bed she stayed up preparing wool. It was a quiet night until she heard a knock.  "Who is there?" she asked. "I am the Witch of One Horn" she answered. Assuming it was one of her neighbors in need of help, she answered the door. To her dismay, it was not a neighbor. A woman with a horn on her forehead entered the room.  "Where are the others?" she grumbled "They always take so long".  The homeowner was very confused. The witch had made herself at home. It was not long until she heard another knock on the door. Reluctantly she answered it. Standing outside was a woman with two horns on her forehead. The witch charged in to join her sister. Within the hour, ten more arrived. The last having twelve horns on her forehead. They had made a large circle in the room. They were spinning a thread on thei